Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Leadership=standing alone

(16 Feb. 2015)


This has been an interesting week, we have some pretty solid investigators that we have started teaching and are really progressing, yesterday we received a referral from a ward member, one of the youths girlfriends who comes to church each week was touched by a recently returned sister missionaries talk on love and she told her that her talk helped her to finally decide to take the discussions, so we are trying to meet with her asap because as far as we know she is ready for baptism, she has been doing everything she needs to be doing 🙂 but we will go at her rate. our other really solid guy is a stay at home dad who really loves the Book of Mormon and wants his testimony to be real, not forced, he is going to be coming to church this next sunday, he couldnt yesterday, and will be involving his family too, 🙂 and a recent convert brought her niece to church yesterday so we taught her and will be teaching her again tomorrow! MIRACLES IN KENMORE!
 Lately i have realized that as Christ walked the path of obedience, he often stood alone while doing so, but He knew who he was and had a firm hope set on what he was going to accomplish and still did it. this week i have felt at times I’m standing alone (of course with Elder Stamos) but sometimes we obey and others don’t and its sad 😦 but i still will always do it that way, I love helping my missionaries, im glad to do so it just pains me to have to see others struggle, or get frustrated! but as disciples we must be prepared to walk somewhat of the path that He walked, we must have faith, repent, be baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end, for Christ truly endured. if we follow this path we will always be on track, if we keep all the commandments, and truly strive to become more like Christ. but that doesnt mean that it will always be an easy path, for this is eternal life! remember that Christ paid the price if we simply do our best to follow him in all that we do 🙂 i know that his atonement can heal us and help us overcome the barriers that hold us down, be humble and follow Christ and have a firm hope and you will overcome those barriers, for i have overcome many of mine, we will be faced with them, but our testimonies will help us endure, faith will lite up the path before us in the dark times ahead, we must be obedient, we must repent even when the world around us does not, for we know who we are, and its our responsibility to help others, you can feel great joy in the gospel even when you stand alone, reach your hands out and help those in need, God loves them just like He loves you. Charity is a great tool and without it we cant succeed at anything we do in this church and the world. may we all help our brothers and sisters by being a light to them in the darkness, the savior said “let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father in Heaven”, but how can we do that if we are afraid to walk in his steps because of fear of what others will do, may we all “dare to stand alone, dare to make it known” -president Monson.

I love you all and i know that the church is true, i have experienced greater change in my life as i follow Christ. i know that Joseph smith walked into that grove of trees and saw God, and that he restored the fulness of the gospel back on the earth, and that great happiness is available, we just need to endure with faith to the end. 🙂


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