Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015


(2 March 2015)


 We have had such an interesting week this week! so to start i want to talk about my exchange, so you all maybe remember that my MTC companion was Elder Ashby, i just went on exchanges with him and it was SOOO fun!! he is a fun elder to be with, we also went to MLC on Friday, it was really powerful, we got confirmation of new mission president and also all 16 zone leaders were recommended to be assistants, many will be released and the rest will be called to train newer missionaries to be zone leaders so when President Scofield comes in July they can carry the work along, sense most of us go home around the same time, me 2 weeks later :l Bothell zone has greatly improved and is still needing work but getting there, this is the last week of the transfer so its time to GO HARD! my companion had to go to the ER for some strange pains that everyone thought was appendicitis, which i knew it wasnt because i have had it, we went 2 times and the first time President and sister Choi came, it was fun talking with them!!! my District is Elder McNeil (District Leader) & Elder Beatty, Sister Powell & Sister Thurapushite? (unknown spelling) and then my companion and I. we have a zone goal of 5 member present lessons a week per area, 2 new on dates for baptism per area/weekly, always talk to one more person before going somewhere else, and having a member out with us at least 1 time a day 🙂 and its going really well for the zone 🙂
Now for the good stuff, our investigators, “J” is sooo solid, still working towards baptism and is going to be there on the 14th of March!!! “A” is still progressing just been out of town, we have been finding great people,”N” and “J” are super solid chinnese couple, they came on church tour and are coming to church! “A” really wants to try and be baptized and “C” really loved her church tour, she brought her little kids and they played in the gym. we are super excited and so is the ward!!! we have been running all over the streets!!! it has been a blast in Kenmore, and a great learning experience to be a zone leader.

Now for the spiritual thought… i feel impressed to talk very briefly about the power of testimony and faith. so what is faith? Hebrews 11:1, Alma 32:21, Ether 12, James 2. we often times (because of God testing us and helping us grow) we face trials of faith, dont let this get you down, because as we think of the example of the prophets thru all history they didnt get to where they are at with out first being tested, in Hebrews it states that by faith…. by faith…. by faith…. miracles were wrought by faith. so what is faith? Believing enough to go and do (1 Nephi 3:7) with faith to follow the Lord in all things we will truly become who God needs us to be, without Him we amount to nothing, Faith is turning everything over to God and giving him our hearts, as we do and thru my own experiences He will change your whole being! He will show you His love and you will feel it. despite the pain and sorrow.  Never give up, always have the faith to overcome for Satan is only as strong as you let him be. Testimony is proof of faith going into action, and it will guide you thru the darkness that you may find yourself in, because Christ is at the head of all righteous testimonies, Christ is light that we follow when we obey, he will light up our path before us but not until after our faith is tested. Heleman 3:35 grow in faith = grow in JOY!  we must fast, pray, study the scriptures, attend church, ect…. be humble and give our hearts to God. he will provide for us and God will always win! Faith is the first principle in the gospel and will guide you in all things.

God be with you all and I love you!!


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