Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

TALOFA!!!!! (Hello!!)


(16 March 2015)

 Week one in the Samoan Ward! The Samoans are the BEST SOOOOO NICE!!!!!!!! Really fun culture too. it is interesting being in the Samoan ward, they are sooo awesome, they like to feed us A LOT, so I try not to eat too much, im doing well at controlling the amount I eat with them so im not gaining any weight 🙂 I dont eat very much when we go to buffets, I eat as healthy as possible, so just get small portions and not all of it at once.  the language is quite easy to say just I dont know really what im saying 🙂 church was in full Samoan a little english like me bearing my testimony and a few others talking from the seatac ward, anyways the work in the Samoan ward is different than the other wards its harder to find people to teach,so we dont have many investigators, we still talk to everyone but send off lots of referrals! and eat fafaga every night (dinner) so thats also different, we have to work through the members because they are basically all part member families, so that is the approach we will be taking, Elder Vestal and I have fun in this ward, he is great and loves the Lord, church was basically all in Samoan, but when they talk to us they speak english! I love this ward but its also a culture change so that makes it kind of interesting. the ward is super missionary minded. I also got to see some members I knew really well from SeaTac, it was great and weird walking those streets again, lots of Samoans live in Seatac! but the work is still moving on. we have 2 people on date for baptism!
Not much else to say yet, I will have more stories. running low on time 🙂

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