Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Talofa Lava!!!!


(30 March 2015)

GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past week in Samoan ward has been weird, we had meetings a lot, I went to another MLC as a district leader that once was a zone leader thats why I was invited and we discussed strengthening the mission from behind, it was really good! then also had a zone conferences that i will talk about shortly. but the sad news is that our solid on date investigators where taken away by the federal way missionaries. a slow week but with success, our investigator “F” is super solid with strong faith and giving up word of wisdom to be baptized in a few weeks!!!! and we recieved a referral from a part member family, the non member wants to be baptized and meet with us EVERYDAY!!! so we will see him on tuesday and then there are 3 kids that really want baptism, came to church soooo many times now, just need to be taught and recieve parental approval, wednesday we are going to go see them all also!! MIRACLES ARE COMING, obedience is an essential requirement, without it we are not worthy to help these people so let us continually obey the lord with exactness, follow the spirit and see the Lord work miracles in your life. i have given another baptismal interview yesterday and she was soooo prepared, they didnt even teach her and she knows it all because of her own studies!! the lord worked with her recent convert daughter to touch her! I had an interesting situation at 1am last night, my sisters called me freaked out, they woke up to hearing noises and someone moving things around in their apartment, they then bolted out to their car and called me. they spent the rest of night with the Hermanas, and President Choi had the zone leaders inspect their apartment and they found out that the sisters can hear every little thing in their apartment from their neighbors, so i stayed awake for about 30 minutes to make sure it was all good! but yep its resolved now.
Now to the zone conference which took all day, it was on wednesday and really uplifting, they asked everyone to write down sins that we have then asked the district leaders to stand, and they had to pay the price for each sin by doing push ups, so im glad my district didnt get called, because i have a bigger district, and i can tell they probably would have been a high number. but the point of it was to show that the atonement, even if we didnt ask Him to He still paid the debt and all he has, ALL HE ASKS is for our hearts (2 Nephi 2:6-8), a broken heart and contrite spirit, which leads to faith to obey and to repent, and then we are baptized and enter into the cleansing promise and recieve the spirit, for this is ESSENTIAL, so think when you see your non member friends and you remember your conversion, ask yourselves, am i letting my light shine? do you realize that they are all children of God also or do you forget your own identity, for when we think of ourselves, when we dont focus on helping others, or struggle with ourselves, it is because you have forgotten who you are…. we are all children of God. by remembering this we can truly apply the atonement and come to the lord with a broken heart, then will we be able to recieve after the trial of our faith, a lighter burden, may we all do this, may we all remember Him this wonderful Easter season #BecauseHeLives watch this video it is great. as we repent, focus on others, and never leave room to think of yourself. remember Jesus Christ always.     Video:


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