Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015



(6 April 2015)

“I can teach you to dance but you must first learn to listen to the music” such a true statement, we must learn the music of the gospel before we can go and serve or obey the commandments. General conference was SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!  the messages inspiring as always 🙂 and the stories were uplifting to me. this was a great easter time to reflect the savior and his love for all of us 🙂
This past week, a lot of meetings, had a very inspiring zone meeting and very uplifting general conference, between one of the sessions we went out to work and we were giving another set of elders a ride and went to see a potential and some how got separated, I was with a greenie, and my companion with the other district leader, what happened was we gave them a ride because they are low on miles, and while I was calling people the other district leader started talking to someone and so my companion joined him, and  they took too long so I ran accross the street to talk with someone else with the greenie, still in sight, but then when we where done they where gone… so we met up at the church 15 minutes later just in time for the next session, we had to meet at the church because we couldnt find each other, but the work moves on, oh how i love talking with people it is just so much fun and very rewarding to teach of Christ, the commitment in me grows as i feast on the word of christ. our investigator “F” we cant contact him, so we have to find away to get ahold of him, his phone is out of order, and the people he lives next to are members and we dont know how to contact them either 😦 we will find a way, we recieved and are recieving referrals for some solid people that will help us revamp our teaching pool.

I know that the gospel has indeed been restored, for thru my experience i have found great love from God, and as i read the scriptures the peace that comes from the Book of Mormon is so powerful! i hope all of you feel that each time you read, i hope you all have the faith to recieve the answers to your prayers for the lord has said, “Ask and ye shall recieve, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you” Christs slight reprove to the scared disciples on the ship on the sea of Galilee, “and he said unto them, why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?” Mark 4:40. remember that if we have faith why should we fear our doubt, for Christ calmed the raging storm, and said basically if they had faith they would not have to worry. if we have faith all things our possible, remember that when trials come, remember that when you ponder about your testimony, for if we do and when we pray with a sincere heart he will hear us and answer us, if we intend to act on the answer. D&C 6:36 “Doubt not fear not” with an eye of faith move towards Christ and you will soon find him always near to you, helping you, we must have “eyes to see and ears to hear”, faith lights up the darkness.


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