Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015


(13 April 2015)

Good MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!
This past week has been a week full of miracles! we have received many solid referrals and hope to help them all come and partake of the fruits of the tree spoken in 1 Nephi by the prophet Lehi. The doctrine of Christ is what brings us to this tree, and the love and support of each other 🙂

Church meetings in Samoan ward was the same as normal, I dont understand the language, but the spirit is still the same 🙂 we are having a hard time contacting some of our investigators.We had a really good conference on thursday, on keeping the sabbath day holy and the blessings that come from keeping that commandment. I know that commandment works for i have felt the peace and joy of keeping the sabbath, and when we truly love the Lord we want to keep the sabbath holy 🙂 we were able to get more members out with us and have been trying to work on helping them with their missionary work 🙂 we should be getting some training soon according to President Choi on how to work with the Samoans better… I love samoans. as long as we all keep the commandments and seek the kingdom of God first he will provide for the rest. we put 2 people on date this week, referred one to downtown but both solid, Talking with everyone pays off 🙂

this next week is the last of the transfer, we are going to work hard and go forth with faith. I know this church is true, people change as we love and lift others, we must all forget ourselves and get lost in the service of God and others. Repentance is possible and will help us over the obstacles of life, at times we all fall short, but if we have faith and repent we can grow closer to Jesus Christ, for this is the purpose of life to learn and grow and become like heavenly father, I love serving a mission it is so great!!!!!


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