Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015


Wall of gum

Wall of gum


(21 April 2015)

 So transfers were this week, we both stayed, but the rest of the zone got changed, i still have the sisters in my district and also tongan Elders Ashby and Kellogg!!!! so this last week has been really awesome, we found 7 new investigators that we are trying to follow up with, some of our investigators dropped us due to family conflict 😦 but that happens, the 3 boys that where super solid there parents said they cant come to church anymore 😦 but “A” is doing well, we played some ball with him and he really loved that, he’s so prepared wants to do everything he needs to to be happy, to be sealed in temple, baptized, repent and forsake his sins, he is so solid, and the gospel will change his life and especially his families 🙂 we meet with him about twice a week! and also during studies my companion went to the bathroom and 20 minutes later when it was time for companionship studies i went to find him… no answer…. so i waited for 10 minutes then hear him shout “AH HELP!” he fell asleep for 30 minutes while going to the bathroom on the toilet, HAHAHAHAHAHA he was sooo tired!!!! this next week and transfer we are going to change the work in the Samoan ward and baptize! we are thinking of new ways to help the members find people to teach as well as new ways that we can find people to teach and we are going to be “pounding the pavement”.
Im grateful to have the trials i have, like in my cousins email trials do help us grow for that is why we have them, without trial we wouldnt be able to choose. like in 2 Nephi 2, speaking if “adam fell that men might be men are that they may have joy” we go thru temptation and suffering only because God is trying to mold us, trying to help us be perfected, thru our faith in him and his son Jesus Christ. i have felt to sing the song of redeeming love and i ask can “you Feel so now” can we all continually feel to, may we all continue to renew our testimonies of the Savior and always remember him and keep his commandments for John 14:20 states this so correctly, i love the lord for i have been tried and still always will be and i have felt his love for me and for others i serve, he does love us and if we are his we will always feel it, we are his when we keep his commandments, but remember that he loves us anyways whether you do or not, he suffered the ultimate price because of his love for you. i wish for all of us to repent including myself, that we may continually feel our saviors redeeming love and be converted, for like Korihor the antichrist when the people found out about his fraud they repented and turned to the lord and where converted again. i love you all and i love the lord, God be with you. Oh yeah, I read The Fourth Missionary, I loved it. 🙂

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