Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

4 May 2015


This week went by too fast, ummm i dont like that at all, but we had a non member show up at church on sunday she is Samoan and felt the spirit so strong!!!! and wants to bring all her family with her, she is being taught by the Burien elders for reasons not understood, but thats okay, her nephew came with and at first he was bored like none other, but by the end of it he admitted that he liked it and made new friends!!! see when as members we fulfill our responsibility to “love thy neighbor as thyself” the spirit of the Lord can touch the hearts of those we serve, 🙂 but remember that He doesnt just break down the non members hearts but often times thru them it breaks our hearts down as well and allows us to remember the Lord more fully, but we must open our hearts to it, dont be stubburn against the Lord but do these things continually in Helaman 3:27-31 and verse 35. we must grab the hand of the lord and yield our hearts to God, always and forever, and he will carry us home.
for the rest of the week our investigators are still on date, we are having a difficulty meeting often with them. we had an exchange with the zone leaders, i was in the Myers Way Tongan Ward with elder Ashby again! it was so much fun!! but while there the sisters in my district called us because they got their car stuck in a ditch!!!!! so we made them get out of the car so if it slid into the ditch no one would be hurt, and then i had to drive it while elder Ashby was jumping on it to gain traction and pushing, almost making it fall into the ditch even more….. we prayed and asked for help, and I decided to call a Samoan member whom I had no clue happened to have a tow truck, its interesting how the Lord uses others often times to answer our prayers, I love the Lord and his goodness and mercy, and may we all be obedient to his commandments and be patient and watch him work miracles among us. this church does bring the greatest joy thru following Christ, fully yeilding to the best we can to our Heavenly Fathers will. I love you all and hope your missionary work is bringing forth fruit meet for repentances, whether that be less actives, actives, or non members.


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