Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Transfered again!


(2 June 2015)

So me and Elder Vestal both got transferred, so we both will miss “J’s” baptism this weekend, it was supposed to be last Sunday at 1, we filled the font and everything, but his family couldnt come so we rescheduled for this Saturday, thinking I would at least be here, but nope, he gets 2 new missionaries :l but thats okay. “M” wants us to baptize him too. I’m still in a car area and I’m super excited to GO TO WORK!!!
 I’m in Beaver Lake now and where I’m emailing from is the very first library that I emailed from in Sammamish, so yeah I can see my first area right now!!!! I’m training again! he has been out for 1 transfer so this is his 2nd 6 weeks! I was released as district leader along with everyone that goes home soon, all the district leaders in the mission that are about to go home have been released and lots of us are training, because President Scofield is coming to the mission soon so President Choi wants the older ones to go hard to work and support the newer ones so we can pass on our talents and knowledge to the rising leaders! so im training my new companion Elder O’Connor to be a leader and hope to teach him everything I know. this weekend we have a wedding and a baptism and have lots of potential baptisms so its time to GO HARD!!!

 I’m excited to go to work and baptize! people need this and I love helping them! the blessings of the restored gospel are so great. This past week before transfers we put many people on date for baptism! and had 10 people on date in the Highline Samoan ward, now we have 2 here in Beaver Lake Bellevue Stake, one this weekend and another the next and hopefully will be getting more every week after!

Time goes too fast!! a few days ago we had a cool experience, i really needed a drink so we drove to the stake center and found a guy that was with a woman who needed help, we took them on a church tour and put them both on date for baptism, they are so solid. 3 Nephi 13:28-34 says that if we truly seek the kingdom of Heaven, thru the atonement and grace of Christ, He will take care of us and what we stand in need of! I know this to be true, we need to have an eternal perspective and realize what is truly important, as we look up to heaven (3 nephi 11:3-7 “they looked steadfastly to Heaven”), by doing so i promise you will find the Lord answers you and will know what you must do, Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY! please all those who are struggling go back and read the account of the Lord coming to the Nephites and learn of Him, and you will see over time changes that only HE can give 🙂 i have seen this and i know it is true for many times have i prayed and he answered immediately, experience i will share when im home. I love each of you and the Lord, and i invite all of us to look up. Missionary work (the work of salvation) is vital for all of us, for when you help others God helps you, this is our duty so please lets all remember the Lord and help His children. you will be happy, work with the missionaries. 🙂


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