Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Week 1 in a new area


(8 June 2015)

WOW its been a crazy week, we had some awesome events happen, taught a powerful spirit filled lesson to an investigator and her parents did not like it 😦 so that one may take some time. We did our weekly planning in Burger King while our car was getting fixed, got stuck in traffic going to a wedding for “J” and “M”,  then yesterday “J” got baptized!!!! and guess what? SO DID “J” FROM HIGHLINE SAMOAN WARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baptize weekly is the goal. A new companionship is always interesting the first week, my companion is doing well, I’m grateful for the trust the Lord has placed in me to finish his training. We went to church on sunday and guess who I saw? the “H” family that moved out of my first ward a week or two after I left Sammamish, and they moved into the Beaver Lake ward, and i also saw another member family the “L’s”, they were visiting from Sammamish 2nd ward in the Beaver Lake ward!!!  We have some great investigators to work with if we can regain contact with them, and we hope to really get the work moving!!! One member when he first met me in this ward said “by your pants getting worn and you fitness of body, your going home soon…” guessed right.
I hope that we can all remain faithful to the Lord and remember his goodness, and as you do your testimony of the gospel will grow so much, and you will get a renewed testimony, so remember “keep the commandments and ye shall prosper in the land”, if we turn to the Lord in prayer (“Ask”), seek in the scriptures (“Seek”) and are faithful in doing our best (“Knock”), God will manifest the truth to us, and our testimony will grow, happiness will come, and discipleship will be strengthened.

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