Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

Look Up


(15 June 2015)

GOOOOD MORNING!!!!!! its has been a very interesting week in the Beaver Lake Ward! so to start, last pday my companion injured himself! 4 days later he went home for physical therapy! So I sent my second son home 😦  but something happened on day 2-3 of being stuck inside the apartment all day. At some point we feel so strongly the spirit and to sing and other times we go thru trials, I had a mighty change in my heart because of his struggles with pain, but I know that God does things for a reason, so why do we go thru trials? to progress and apply the atonement, and thru the doctrine of Christ restored to the earth, we become more and more like Christ. our friendship has grown, and so did testimonies, without the pains we cant know the joys, I invite all of you to look up when trials come, and thank God for loving you enough to cut you down, for you really only grow more, but only if you choose to rise instead of sink, we rise by our faith focused on Christ, our repentance of sins and mistakes, our living the promise of baptism and renewing weekly like Christ instituted, and receiving the Holy Ghost to comfort in trial and help us know what we must do, as you do and endure you will soon find that with full focus on the Lord  “you will be singing as the days go by” and will “listen and dance to the music of the gospel”. I know this is true and that God truly does love us, he lives and sent his son to die for us and he has completely changed my life, I thank all those who have helped me in my moments of need, even when I didnt realize it 🙂 Never forget who you are and stay on the path, we are children of God, and the gospel has been restored by Joseph Smith, lets keep pressing forward!!!!
so now I have 2 new companions Elder Heppler and O’Barr. time to work hard, we are covering 2 areas now, Beaver Lake and Duthie Hill ward, so we have work to do, we have zone sports day today and its volleyball and basketball! lots of meetings coming up, zone conference with departing missionary testimonies on Thursday, special zone conference in a week, and meet the new mission president when President Schofield comes. we have some really solid people to work with in Beaver Lake and will do all we can for them! same with Duthie, but we are going to be finding lots of new people to help also 🙂

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