Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015



(22 June 2015)

 This past week was a very interesting one covering 2 wards, and sundays are really long, but you can never get enough church! I love it, in all the meeting I just have a strong testimony that God inspires his leaders to present exactly what I need to hear, every talk ever on my mission have all applied with out fail, they have always had something in it that I needed and when I needed it 🙂 I love the Lord and his work… this week I really felt the spirit work thru me to help these children of God here, I could almost hear what they needed to hear from the gospel every time we taught someone. so we found only a few new investigators, but they are all very solid. It’s always interesting to see the inspired path we are on, the Lord knew long ago what would come ahead and has prepared a path for our escape, that path is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Follow him and we will be lead out of darkness, not always immediately but you will find your way out, and along the path you will find many opportunities to help others and will feel the great joys of the gospel along the way. everything happens for a reason.

Moses 5:5-6 “And he gave unto them commandments, that they should worship the Lord their God, and should offer the firstlings of their flocks, for an offering unto the Lord. And Adam was obedient unto the commandments of the Lord”, and after many days an angel of the lord appeared unto adam, saying why dost thou offer sacrifices unto the lord? and adam said unto him: i know not, save the lord commanded me.”
The Lord gives commandments, and when we cant see the path before us but take a step of faith, we are blessed.

The members of the wards are fired up and they are trying.. we had a great zone conference with president Choi, wow that was a powerful last meeting for president Choi!!! yea I will never forget that 🙂 This past week has been fun we just go out and work, and my companions are just total goofs, 🙂 so me and Elder Heppler have coughing and sneezing attacks that annoy elder obarr every night 🙂 and yesterday i fell out of the bottom bunk, and while falling in my dream everything crashed around me so I started shouting that im stuck, and I was stuck under my bed and I heard Elder Heppler laughing at me… there is my awkward moment of the week. But im just super stoked about this week, I cant wait to just go to work and see what miracles come and to also feel the joys of the gospel, because it feels so good to help other people. Lets not think of ourselves but instead focus on those people who need the restored gospel. we have many set lessons this new week and will be teaching lots 🙂 we just need to go and get those new on date so these people can progress. I want to be a disciple to Jesus Christ and help people forever return to him, I have felt too much love from God to turn back. oh my…. being in the MTC feels like yesterday!!!!!! ahhhhh too much has happened between then. TO ZION!!!


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