Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015

New Mission president


(30 June 2015)

  It is a very very hot day today and the past few days, I was sweating all night last night!!! so this last week… lets see…. lots happened first off on sunday we had church for hours (attending 2 wards), and then a fireside at the Kirkland Stake Center, it was president Choi’s last fireside he leaves in 2 hours to Utah and then Tokyo Japan, we have a new mission president now President Schofield! but yes so we were in a church building for about 9 hours, 6 hours of Church at 2 wards and the rest at fireside!!! LONG DAY!!! but really amazing, I got to say goodbye for now to lots of members in Kirkland. what next… well yesterday i gave my departing testimony in a special mission meeting with President Choi! and they showed a surprise slideshow+video for president and sister choi, and in it was a picture of me that I don’t exactly know how it got to them except from my mother 🙂 it was a picture my companion took of me with a lightsabor.  it was fun and lots of other pictures of me came up and lots of good memories with them 🙂 it was a sad meeting, President and Sister Choi cried, I will miss them, but I have there info so I will definitely keep in touch for a long time 🙂
 our investigators are doing well we have “D” who is awesome and ready for the gospel, we are just trying to work with his wife so she can rejoice with him 🙂 and lots of investigators that we are trying to get things going with, some that we may need to drop because of a lack of contact 😦 so really members need to be involved. now why are members so important? because “out of the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses is established the truth of all things” so we often think that only missionaries can share the gospel, but i promise that even though you may not have the same spirit as the full time missionaries the spirit is often stronger when you bare a sincere heart felt testimony combined with us! you don’t know how strong you really are. that is why sharing the gospel is not just for missionaries for we cant do it without you, but remember you cant do it without us. “if ye are not one, ye are not mine” in the general conference of april 2002 Sister Ellen W. Smoot talked about this and said “as the kingdom of God rolls forth, we must unite our efforts in saving souls” this applies to the wards and to missions but also to both together! for this is the way that Christ will spread zion for his work is not just for non-members but refining all of us and calling us all to repent and helping us become like him, for only thru Christs atonement and the doctrine of Christ and His grace can we be saved! “after all we can do” 2 nephi 25:23. as we are united, souls are blessed including our own, the mormon messages video “lift” explains this clearly! Through our devoted service to all people and our unity we gain the inward strength to overcome trails and receive healing to our souls, for we love God first then second our neighbors. not ourselves before neighbors. as we focus on them and magnify each others talents and strengths we become one with each other and God and then Zion becomes a part of us as we build the Kingdom of God.

 I know this church is true for I have been helped so much as i have had faith repented and renewed my baptism covenants, I know that Joseph Smith saw God, for I can feel it in my bones, I know with my heart and mind and by the power of the holy Ghost! may we all gain this testimony and know that God has a prophet today, that this prophet is to help us come unto Christ who is mighty to save. I love each of you and I love Heavenly Father for healing and for sending trials my way to help me repent and remember Him, I hope you will accept the call to come unto Christ and repent and join in on the Lords work. TO ZION!


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