Called to serve in the Washington Seattle Mission July 2013-July 2015


(11 May 2015)

I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day, and saw the new mothers day video on LDS.ORG its great, the church is so awesome on helping people maintain a hope and excitement!!!

Β This past week! We had great interviews with the mission President and his wife, it was really sad because it was our last one with him, He goes home on July 1st 😦  2 weeks before me, its so strange how fast time goes when you lose yourself in the service of others, Father teaches us to always remember him thru our trials and continually will shape us if we yield and let Him. He loves us, and I have felt that so much and I know this is His work. oh how i love the scriptures!!! I always find comfort to my soul and heart from the word of the Lord. we also had a special zone conference this week which was spiritual as always. I got to talk to the family on mothers day always good, and also at church one of the speakers was stressing the importance of temple marriage, and was switching between English and Samoan so all could catch the message. and we also had some miracles happen, we were sitting in the car figuring out some plans, and we saw this guy walk by and felt “go talk to that brother”, so we ran him down and talked to him and had the opportunity to teach and testify of FAITH, REPENTANCE, and BAPTISM!!! its so super, this path truly will heal, study it, learn it, live it, and you will see as you yield to the spirit and do these things that your whole heart will change and then you will feel “no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually”, this has changed many lives on my mission including mine. This brother is now on date for baptism for June 6th! we also found 2 very solid investigators and potentially 5, but 2 that are jumping full in, and have come to church twice now!!!! I want to get to work when I get home on missionary work and callings, so tell Bishop I want a calling! πŸ™‚ once a missionary always a missionary, I will never stop helping others, even if its as a member missionary πŸ™‚


4 May 2015


This week went by too fast, ummm i dont like that at all, but we had a non member show up at church on sunday she is Samoan and felt the spirit so strong!!!! and wants to bring all her family with her, she is being taught by the Burien elders for reasons not understood, but thats okay, her nephew came with and at first he was bored like none other, but by the end of it he admitted that he liked it and made new friends!!! see when as members we fulfill our responsibility to “love thy neighbor as thyself” the spirit of the Lord can touch the hearts of those we serve, πŸ™‚ but remember that He doesnt just break down the non members hearts but often times thru them it breaks our hearts down as well and allows us to remember the Lord more fully, but we must open our hearts to it, dont be stubburn against the Lord but do these things continually in Helaman 3:27-31 and verse 35. we must grab the hand of the lord and yield our hearts to God, always and forever, and he will carry us home.
for the rest of the week our investigators are still on date, we are having a difficulty meeting often with them. we had an exchange with the zone leaders, i was in the Myers Way Tongan Ward with elder Ashby again! it was so much fun!! but while there the sisters in my district called us because they got their car stuck in a ditch!!!!! so we made them get out of the car so if it slid into the ditch no one would be hurt, and then i had to drive it while elder Ashby was jumping on it to gain traction and pushing, almost making it fall into the ditch even more….. we prayed and asked for help, and I decided to call a Samoan member whom I had no clue happened to have a tow truck, its interesting how the Lord uses others often times to answer our prayers, I love the Lord and his goodness and mercy, and may we all be obedient to his commandments and be patient and watch him work miracles among us. this church does bring the greatest joy thru following Christ, fully yeilding to the best we can to our Heavenly Fathers will. I love you all and hope your missionary work is bringing forth fruit meet for repentances, whether that be less actives, actives, or non members.

Stick to the basics


(27 April 2014)

This week has been miracle filled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we found 7 new people and put them on date for BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!! as we keep things simple to the doctrine of Christ (3 Nephi 11 states it sooo clearly), keep things to the basics of faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end, this is how we apply the atonement! by doing so, many people where able to understand and want the gospel, 4 of the 7 are referrals for other missionaries but this is all the same work!!!!!!! we have 2 baptisms coming on the 9th of May “A” and “J”!!! more to come! we had a great conference on sticking to the basics especially when we struggle, look up and have faith and go and do the good things we are commanded for we can know its of God by the way to judge, “what so ever inviteth a man to do good…. is inspired of God” always remember that and “cleave unto all that which is good” for it is of Christ, and have faith, repent and remember to live what the baptismal covanant asks us to do, its that simple, life should be based on the principles of the gospel.
The members are great, and im so glad to serve, I know the Book of Mormon brings peace and happiness, i know God lives and loves each of us, and he puts us thru trials to help us be refined and when we suffer he weeps with us, I feel daily this is true for the fruits have only been good fruits, blessings come when we keep the commandments of God and serve him by serving others, may we all have strength to endure and repent and return to the path to the tree of life, dont make life complicated, keep in simple and look to heaven and strive to live as Christ lived and all else will fall into place, “seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else shall be added unto you”.


Wall of gum

Wall of gum


(21 April 2015)

Β So transfers were this week, we both stayed, but the rest of the zone got changed, i still have the sisters in my district and also tongan Elders Ashby and Kellogg!!!! so this last week has been really awesome, we found 7 new investigators that we are trying to follow up with, some of our investigators dropped us due to family conflict 😦 but that happens, the 3 boys that where super solid there parents said they cant come to church anymore 😦 but “A” is doing well, we played some ball with him and he really loved that, he’s so prepared wants to do everything he needs to to be happy, to be sealed in temple, baptized, repent and forsake his sins, he is so solid, and the gospel will change his life and especially his families πŸ™‚ we meet with him about twice a week! and also during studies my companion went to the bathroom and 20 minutes later when it was time for companionship studies i went to find him… no answer…. so i waited for 10 minutes then hear him shout “AH HELP!” he fell asleep for 30 minutes while going to the bathroom on the toilet, HAHAHAHAHAHA he was sooo tired!!!! this next week and transfer we are going to change the work in the Samoan ward and baptize! we are thinking of new ways to help the members find people to teach as well as new ways that we can find people to teach and we are going to be “pounding the pavement”.
Im grateful to have the trials i have, like in my cousins email trials do help us grow for that is why we have them, without trial we wouldnt be able to choose. like in 2 Nephi 2, speaking if “adam fell that men might be men are that they may have joy” we go thru temptation and suffering only because God is trying to mold us, trying to help us be perfected, thru our faith in him and his son Jesus Christ. i have felt to sing the song of redeeming love and i ask can “you Feel so now” can we all continually feel to, may we all continue to renew our testimonies of the Savior and always remember him and keep his commandments for John 14:20 states this so correctly, i love the lord for i have been tried and still always will be and i have felt his love for me and for others i serve, he does love us and if we are his we will always feel it, we are his when we keep his commandments, but remember that he loves us anyways whether you do or not, he suffered the ultimate price because of his love for you. i wish for all of us to repent including myself, that we may continually feel our saviors redeeming love and be converted, for like Korihor the antichrist when the people found out about his fraud they repented and turned to the lord and where converted again. i love you all and i love the lord, God be with you. Oh yeah, I read The Fourth Missionary, I loved it. πŸ™‚


(13 April 2015)

Good MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!
This past week has been a week full of miracles! we have received many solid referrals and hope to help them all come and partake of the fruits of the tree spoken in 1 Nephi by the prophet Lehi. The doctrine of Christ is what brings us to this tree, and the love and support of each other πŸ™‚

Church meetings in Samoan ward was the same as normal, I dont understand the language, but the spirit is still the same πŸ™‚ we are having a hard time contacting some of our investigators.We had a really good conference on thursday, on keeping the sabbath day holy and the blessings that come from keeping that commandment. I know that commandment works for i have felt the peace and joy of keeping the sabbath, and when we truly love the Lord we want to keep the sabbath holy πŸ™‚ we were able to get more members out with us and have been trying to work on helping them with their missionary work πŸ™‚ we should be getting some training soon according to President Choi on how to work with the Samoans better… I love samoans. as long as we all keep the commandments and seek the kingdom of God first he will provide for the rest. we put 2 people on date this week, referred one to downtown but both solid, Talking with everyone pays off πŸ™‚

this next week is the last of the transfer, we are going to work hard and go forth with faith. I know this church is true, people change as we love and lift others, we must all forget ourselves and get lost in the service of God and others. Repentance is possible and will help us over the obstacles of life, at times we all fall short, but if we have faith and repent we can grow closer to Jesus Christ, for this is the purpose of life to learn and grow and become like heavenly father, I love serving a mission it is so great!!!!!



(6 April 2015)

“I can teach you to dance but you must first learn to listen to the music” such a true statement, we must learn the music of the gospel before we can go and serve or obey the commandments. General conference was SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!Β  the messages inspiring as always πŸ™‚ and the stories were uplifting to me. this was a great easter time to reflect the savior and his love for all of us πŸ™‚
This past week, a lot of meetings, had a very inspiring zone meeting and very uplifting general conference, between one of the sessions we went out to work and we were giving another set of elders a ride and went to see a potential and some how got separated, I was with a greenie, and my companion with the other district leader, what happened was we gave them a ride because they are low on miles, and while I was calling people the other district leader started talking to someone and so my companion joined him, andΒ  they took too long so I ran accross the street to talk with someone else with the greenie, still in sight, but then when we where done they where gone… so we met up at the church 15 minutes later just in time for the next session, we had to meet at the church because we couldnt find each other, but the work moves on, oh how i love talking with people it is just so much fun and very rewarding to teach of Christ, the commitment in me grows as i feast on the word of christ. our investigator “F” we cant contact him, so we have to find away to get ahold of him, his phone is out of order, and the people he lives next to are members and we dont know how to contact them either 😦 we will find a way, we recieved and are recieving referrals for some solid people that will help us revamp our teaching pool.

I know that the gospel has indeed been restored, for thru my experience i have found great love from God, and as i read the scriptures the peace that comes from the Book of Mormon is so powerful! i hope all of you feel that each time you read, i hope you all have the faith to recieve the answers to your prayers for the lord has said, “Ask and ye shall recieve, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you” Christs slight reprove to the scared disciples on the ship on the sea of Galilee, “and he said unto them, why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?” Mark 4:40. remember that if we have faith why should we fear our doubt, for Christ calmed the raging storm, and said basically if they had faith they would not have to worry. if we have faith all things our possible, remember that when trials come, remember that when you ponder about your testimony, for if we do and when we pray with a sincere heart he will hear us and answer us, if we intend to act on the answer. D&C 6:36 “Doubt not fear not” with an eye of faith move towards Christ and you will soon find him always near to you, helping you, we must have “eyes to see and ears to hear”, faith lights up the darkness.

Talofa Lava!!!!


(30 March 2015)

GOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past week in Samoan ward has been weird, we had meetings a lot, I went to another MLC as a district leader that once was a zone leader thats why I was invited and we discussed strengthening the mission from behind, it was really good! then also had a zone conferences that i will talk about shortly. but the sad news is that our solid on date investigators where taken away by the federal way missionaries. a slow week but with success, our investigator “F” is super solid with strong faith and giving up word of wisdom to be baptized in a few weeks!!!! and we recieved a referral from a part member family, the non member wants to be baptized and meet with us EVERYDAY!!! so we will see him on tuesday and then there are 3 kids that really want baptism, came to church soooo many times now, just need to be taught and recieve parental approval, wednesday we are going to go see them all also!! MIRACLES ARE COMING, obedience is an essential requirement, without it we are not worthy to help these people so let us continually obey the lord with exactness, follow the spirit and see the Lord work miracles in your life. i have given another baptismal interview yesterday and she was soooo prepared, they didnt even teach her and she knows it all because of her own studies!! the lord worked with her recent convert daughter to touch her! I had an interesting situation at 1am last night, my sisters called me freaked out, they woke up to hearing noises and someone moving things around in their apartment, they then bolted out to their car and called me. they spent the rest of night with the Hermanas, and President Choi had the zone leaders inspect their apartment and they found out that the sisters can hear every little thing in their apartment from their neighbors, so i stayed awake for about 30 minutes to make sure it was all good! but yep its resolved now.
Now to the zone conference which took all day, it was on wednesday and really uplifting, they asked everyone to write down sins that we have then asked the district leaders to stand, and they had to pay the price for each sin by doing push ups, so im glad my district didnt get called, because i have a bigger district, and i can tell they probably would have been a high number. but the point of it was to show that the atonement, even if we didnt ask Him to He still paid the debt and all he has, ALL HE ASKS is for our hearts (2 Nephi 2:6-8), a broken heart and contrite spirit, which leads to faith to obey and to repent, and then we are baptized and enter into the cleansing promise and recieve the spirit, for this is ESSENTIAL, so think when you see your non member friends and you remember your conversion, ask yourselves, am i letting my light shine? do you realize that they are all children of God also or do you forget your own identity, for when we think of ourselves, when we dont focus on helping others, or struggle with ourselves, it is because you have forgotten who you are…. we are all children of God. by remembering this we can truly apply the atonement and come to the lord with a broken heart, then will we be able to recieve after the trial of our faith, a lighter burden, may we all do this, may we all remember Him this wonderful Easter season #BecauseHeLives watch this video it is great. as we repent, focus on others, and never leave room to think of yourself. remember Jesus Christ always.Β Β Β Β  Video: